Trek for Teesdale Special Flora

What makes Teesdale special?

The flora!

During 2021, Dr Margaret Bradshaw (then aged 95.5 yrs.) on Sigma (29yrs.), and accompanied by Tricia Snaith, trekked 88km to raise money to save the Teesdale Flora.
All funds raised contributed towards the cost of the ongoing Field Survey and wider work to research and conserve Teesdale’s special flora including Mountain Avens, Hoary Rockrose, Spring Gentian, Mountain Everlasting and more.

The trek distance is equivalent to the boundary distance of the River Tees catchment area where many of the dale’s rarest plants are found.

Swim for Teesdale Flora

He’s done it!

Inspired by Margaret’s trek, Tom Gledhill has just completed his swim of 88km (equivalent to the boundary distance of the River Tees catchment area) in order to boost the Trust’s funds for the ongoing survey.

Tom has admitted that it took much longer and was much harder than he had anticipated!

Sponsorship contributions are very welcome.