New Website Coming Spring 2021

You can keep up to date with the Trust’s activities via the link to our Facebook page.


Special Flora Survey Appeal

We are looking to raise £5,000 towards the costs of the 2021 Survey Season – the aim is to survey a minimum of two thousand 10mx10m squares.  This important work enables us to build a picture of the current state of the Special Flora and also compare it to Margaret’s surveys from the 1970s.  

You can make a donation to the trust by clicking on the link to our JustGiving webpage.  We have suggested £10 donation as this is the cost of one survey square.   

Trust Update – April 2021

We had both a challenging and a productive 2020. The Trustees are now getting quite comfortable with zoom but looking forward to being able to meet face to face again.  Margaret’s tireless fundraising has already raised a significant amount of the costs for the 2021 survey.

In 2020 our solitary surveyor on the moors of Upper Teesdale completed over 2,500 10m x 10m survey squares, or 25ha of ground.  The updated website will contain more information about the main survey.  The Trust is extremely grateful for the support of the local land owners and managers who worked with us to enable the survey to happen.  

Finally a big thank you to everyone who made a donation.  You enable the important research and conservation work that will protect Teesdale’s Special Flora for future generations.



Dr Margaret E. Bradshaw MBE – founder of the Trust and life long champion of Teesdale’s Special Flora