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Covid 19 Update

These are challenging times for communities around the world.  Here at the Trust we have had to revise and update our plans for 2020.  

The good news is field survey work is now underway for this year – nothing is more socially distanced than a solitary surveyor on the moors of Upper Teesdale.  The Trust is extremely grateful for the support of the local land owners and managers who have worked with us to enable this to happen.

We have started a fundraising campaign for the field survey work.  This will enable the survey work to continue in this and subsequent years.

Margaret and her fellow Trustees discovering the delights of video conference calls.  Progressing the important research and conservation work that will protect Teesdale’s Special Flora for future generations.

Dr Margaret E. Bradshaw MBE – founder of the Trust and life long champion of Teesdale’s Special Flora